Hubert Huy Photography | Shawn and Sabbina's Cedar Ridge Preserve Engagement

Shawn and Sabbina's Cedar Ridge Preserve Engagement

May 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Meet Shawn and Sabbina. These two met each other by happenstance one fateful night after a wedding they both attended. Shawn actually saw Sabinna walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid and it literally took his breathe away. He was too nervous to speak to her during the wedding, but by the man upstairs had a different plan in mind. They met the morning after the wedding in front of Shawn's uncle's home. It just so happened that Sabinna and Shawn's moms attended the same nursing school, which lead to them talking. They exchanged facebook pages since they live in different cities and have hit it off ever since! I can tell these two truly love each other, because they had so much fun together during the session and had incredible chemistry. I'm definitely looking forward to this wedding! 


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